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Lupe provides periodic training to our management team in the principals & applications of HR management. She keeps us abreast of all the latest workplace law changes and provides us hands-on assistance with managing the people-side of our business. LTM's services are great!

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Santa Fe Springs, CA

Employee Policy Handbooks

Whether you are a small employer with a few employees, or you are a growing company with 10 to 1,000 employees, your Company's policies, procedures and work rules should be in writing, and made available to all employees. Employee policy handbooks not only provide company leaders with structure and guidance for handling personnel matters, a well-written policy handbook can also provide a basis for defending your company in employment-related litigation.

LTM Associates will develop an employee policy handbook for your company that is customized to your work industry, and includes all the necessary policies and procedures needed to create a framework for consistency and fairness, based on the size of your organization.

Our California compliant employee handbooks include:

  • Customized company polices & procedures;
  • Employee work rules & conduct rules;
  • Disciplinary action guidelines;
  • Legally mandated leaves-of-absence programs/procedures;
  • Overview of customized company benefit plans/programs;
  • Employee wage & hour requirements;
  • Workplace health, safety, and housekeeping practices;
  • State and federal mandated workplace policies & programs and;
  • Other terms and conditions of employment.

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OSHA Compliant Injury & Illness Prevention Manual

Cal-OSHA requires every California employer to comply with the CA code of Regulations General Industry Safety Orders, regarding Injury & Illness Prevention Program Requirements, regardless of the type of work industry or the number of employees. This includes having in place a written Injury & Illness Prevention Program for your employees. Penalties for violations of this law can range from $1,000 (for each violation) to $20,000 or more.

LTM Associates can help your organization get in compliance, quickly and correctly... Our Injury & Illness Prevention Manuals are Customized to your work industry, and include:
  • Safety rules and regulations;
  • Disciplinary action guidelines;
  • OSHA record-keeping requirments;
  • Accident reporting/investigation procedures;
  • Harzardous materials program/procedures;
  • Employee safety training program;
  • Communication plan;
  • Employee safety recognition program;
  • Company emergency action plan;
  • Fire prevention plan;
  • Workplace violence prevention program;
  • Company security program;
  • All the forms, checklists, policies, and notices needed to implement & manage your company's safety program

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Additional Information

LTM employee handbooks and safety manuals are California compliant, and work-industry specific, and contain up-to-date policies and practices required by state and federal laws.

Because our work is customized, project completion time is usually 8-12 weeks, and payments can be spread over a 3-month period, to ensure cost-effectiveness for our clients.

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